Wednesday, 8 June 2011


People ask me how I get my scones the way I do, well............

I use Delia Smith's recipe I used to use a recipe that pre-dated Delia! I use ordinary white sugar and semi-skimmed milk though. Don't know why but I weigh all the dry ingredients together think I was in a hurry one day and not concentrating!

When all the dough is mixed together lightly mould into a round like this about an inch high. I have never used a rolling pin for Scones. This is the way my grandmother showed me after presenting her with a hard round thing I made at school once!

Use a straight edge cutter.

Push straight down into the dough, and pull straight out. NEVER twist the cutter or the dough, this is the secret!!

Brush with either milk or egg


In case you are wondering that fifth scone is the left-over dough just roll it into a ball and cook, 'cooks' scones to try straight from the oven!


  1. A great new blog Julie! Your scones look lovely and light. Can I just add that I dip the cutter into the flour to help it come out easily too. Also, I will be ading my brownie recipe to my Linden Grove Kitchen blog sometime this week. x

  2. Lovely blog i love to cook and bake so it will be great to get some tips of you ;-)) Those scones look fab. dee xxx

  3. Hi Julie, I love the clean lines of the new blog, what a good idea to put tips on it, I shall be a regular.
    Like the scales, I have just bought a pair exactly the same but in bright yellow, are they M&S ?

  4. I love scones for tea - I often make a fruit scone ring - saves the cutting out!

    Pomona x

  5. Mmmm those scones look delicious! Love the new blog too!
    Milly and Dottie x

  6. Hello to you and your lovely new blog! I really enjoy having scones for afternoon tea so this post is perfect for me! Love the light and bright new blog, by the way!
    Helen x

  7. lovely new blog- like the scones! scrummers!!!!
    i wont be able to get to see you this weekend as i'll be with my mum, but maybe another time x

  8. cute blog Julie(:) great tips too (:)


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