Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ginger Biscuit anybody............?

Phone rings "hey mum we are 50 minutes away" (he told us the location so we knew Robert and Anneka would arrive in less than an hour) have just mixed this recipe ready to roll out and make Gingerbread Men.  I took dessert-spoonfuls of the mixture and dolloped on to a prepared tray.  I use one of those cooking sheets that doesn't have be be greased very handy if you are making biscuits, then you wash it, dry it and roll it up and store away for next time!

Just put a few dollops on the tray and cook to the recipe, leave a good space between each dollop and don't overcook them they burn very quickly because of the sugar content.

and ginger biscuit anyone.................?

Do you remember this post last year - Robert and Anneka have returned back to England last week, they extended their six month sabbatical to nearly a year, now they are just saying hello to various friends and relatives, then I will see them again over Christmas on the proper days!

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