Sunday, 13 November 2011

Re-stringing old broken necklaces

First of all if the beads are of a complicated design draw the design or take a photograph and measure the length.  Cut the old thread and remove the beads. I always wash glass beads in hot soapy water, for this I use a cereal bowl. Swirl them around with your fingers then leave them to soak for a least an hour or better still overnight. When ready to start re-stringing tip the beads into a fine sieve and carefully rinse under running tap and drain, tip out on to a towel and rub gently with the towel to dry taking great care not to lose any. Trust me they are much nicer to handle when washed!

Sort all the beads on to a tray.
If you don't have a beading mat use a towel.
Measure out beading thread 4 times the length requied.
Knot and put a safety pin at knot.
(Vital piece of equipment in my books!)
Thread a few beads, about half dozen or so, add
Knot Cover (Calotte) and seed bead
Go round the seed bead and through the Knot Cover and
journey back through the beads to the safety pin
pulling the thread taught  but not too tightly
- easy once you get the hang of it!
continue adding the rest of the beads the add the
Knot Cover and seed bead and repeat the above going the
other way back to the safety pin
Remove the safety pin and knot the ends.
Re-thread the ends on the needle and thread through
a few beads then snip ends.
Do Not snip ends near the knot

Go to the Knot Covers

with a pair of pliers gently close over the seed bead

Attach the Knot Covers to the clasps

There is another necklace showing similar details here

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