Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to make Bias Tape/Binding

I sometimes like to make my own Bias Tape/Binding

Cut your fabric on the forty-five degree angle on the cutting board.

Decide how wide you want your binding

quarter inch tape/binding - cut fabric one inch wide
half inch tape/binding - cut fabric one and half inches wide
one inch tape/binding - cut fabric twqo and half inches wide

Fold fabric in half and press well
Fold the edges in quarter inch and press again
Fold the fabric in half again and press

To join two pieces together cut the binding/tape at a forty five degee angle

Remember opposites attract!
Cut the fabric of the joining piece the opposite end

Join the two pieces together at right angles matching the outer pressed creases

Sew the two pieces together and trim

Press the fabric again

Sew onto the edge of what you are making!


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