Monday, 28 May 2012

Rag Bag!

Are you like me?  At the end of crafting you have lots of bits of fabric leftover and your not sure what to do with the fabric?  I was given loads of fabric and in amongst the fabric were lining fabric and polycotton fabrics which I don't like!  The choice was to pass on to another crafter but they only like natural fabrics too, so what to do.........
Make "Rag Bags"!   Make them slighty larger than the average pillow case.  French seam the fabric down side(s) along the bottom (I find these fabrics fray a lot - and you don't want bits of frayed fabric in amongst your fabrics) they are now ready just to put the small pieces in.  I have made a few of these to separate linens from cottons, small pieces of fabric from larger pieces of fabrics.  Being lining fabrics or polycotton fabrics the fabric is sort of transparent so the contents can be seen!

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