Monday, 27 August 2012

Making an extra large circle in eight steps.

I needed a large circle for a pattern I am creating.

Draw round a large dinner plate

Cut out the circle and carefully fold into four.  Unfold and refold into four again carefully matching the crease lines to one another.  This time leave folded like this

Fold back onto itself and keep folding back and forth till it looks like a concertina.

Unfold and gently pierce the centre, this can be done just using a pencil.

Stick to the centre a large sheet of paper, this can be brown paper or newspaper.

Now decide how large you would like your pattern.

Say for instance you want a 26" circle,
then halve the measurement and mark at the 13" mark.

Put the zero end of the tape at the centre and following the
crease lines, marking as you go

Now carefully join the dots to one-another
  One large circle!


  1. Brilliant! Today i joined a beginners' quiliting course, mainly because I wantt to learn how to cut things out accurately.
    Carol x

  2. An alternative way is to fold out a sheet of news paper.
    Tie a piece of string to a pencil or piece of chalk
    Measure the string to the required length
    Push a drawing pin into the string at the required length and into the middle of the news paper then draw a circle in the same way as with a pair of composes

    1. Yes circles can be made with string, pin and pencil but I have never been able to successfully do that! The pin either slips out, or I cannot keep the string tight!

  3. Just another note unless the circle is very big strong cotton is as good as string


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