Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scotch Eggs, Sausage Rolls and Lemon Tart

I took it into my head to make Scotch Eggs!

I used one packet of Lincolnshire Sausages, 4x Eggs and some bread crumbs.  

(every so often I buy French Stick keep it for a day and hope no-one eats it! then make bread crumbs and keep them in freezer, just taking out what I need use as an when)

Soft boil the eggs for about three minutes, plunge into cold water.  When cold carefully remove the shells. Set to one side for the moment.

Take the skins off the sausages and try and lay each sausage carefully on a plate separately.  

Have a bowl of cold water handy this is to dip you hands in whilst covering the eggs in sausage meat.  It stops the meat sticking to your hands. 

Flatten out one the sausages (meat) into the palm of your hand and carefully place an egg on the meat and then carefully arrange the sausage meat around the egg adding another sausage to cover the rest of the egg then roll in the bread crumbs and place on the a roasting tin. 

No need to pre grease the roasting tin - they didn't stick on my black enamel roasting tin  

Bake in the oven 180 degrees gas 4 for about 35 minutes 

I always buy puff pastry and freeze it if you have and left over sausage meat make Sausage Rolls


Lemon Tart

This is from the Wartime Stork Recipe book

If anybody would like a facsimile of the book I will be quite happy to send it!

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